Rest Period Between Races : Are There Any Trends?

Is there an optimum period between a horse's races? A short examination of the season so far (August 1, 2018, to May 13, 2018) showing the results for all horses that ran, by 7-day intervals, with return runs from 1 week (7 days) up to 12 weeks (84 days) apart.


A Racing Icon: Sea Cottage

Sea Cottage competes with Horse Chestnut, Hawaii and Lenin as the best racehorse ever bred in South Africa. Whatever one's opinion on who was the best there is no doubting the absolute quality Sea Cottage showed on the racecourse.

Weighing and Measuring: How has the South African Racehorse stacked up Internationally?

The South African racehorse has been rated consistently by the major rating houses since 2003, but before then we have a sporadic picture of their ability versus international contemporaries. This article attempts to paint a picture of how the SA racehorse has measured up over time beginning in the 1940's.